Can anyone identify these flowers? They appear in some of my gardens at this time of year.

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I have similar flowers in my side garden, that come up every year. Let me know what you find out!

Looks like a variety of blue-eyed grass to me, which is often a native perennial grass and very low maintenance. Does that seem right based on what the petals look like up close?

Here's a closer look, though a bit rumpled from yesterday's rain

Looks a bit lighter than I originally thought - so I'm betting it's Glory of the Snow which comes up very early in spring (hence it's name!). It's a low maintenance ground cover - and gives your garden some color early.

Looks like that's it, thanks!

Here's another flower that appears like background noise throughout my gardens, grape hyacinth. I'm always finding the little bulbs when I'm digging and I generally put them back where they came from.


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